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48 Substance Essays, Term Papers and Book Reports

Addiction is a physical, psychological and physiological state that is as a result of dependence on substances that are psychoactive. These substances are known to cross the barrier between blood and brain when they are taken into the body either through smoking, drinking, injection or any other mea....

Adolescent Drug Use
It’s true what the older generations have said. Family is important. During the adolescent years, a teenager is going through a lot of chaos with developmental changes, intellectual growth, and the stress of becoming an adult. Some researchers have found that adolescent drug use is less likely if p....

Aluminas Business Dilemma
Introduction Alumina Inc. is a multibillion-dollar United States based company located on the fringes of Lake Dira in the state of Erehwon. Alumina Inc. specializes in making aluminum. The company also manufactures automotive components, packing material and has ....

Anheuser-Busch Case Analysis
History Anheuser-Busch (A-B), a major company in the United States, is considered a true American success story for a business that started out of nothing. Even as an avid malt-beverage consumer, I did not realize the extent of A-B’s dominance and prevalence in the beverage market place. Today,....

antisocial behaviour
Antisocial behaviour. What is antisocial behaviour? As it is writen in Wikipedia , the free enciclopedia, Anti-social behavior is often seen as public behaviour that lacks judgement and consideration for others and may cause them or their property damage. It may be intentional, as with vandalis....

Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder Manic-depressive illness is among the most identifiable of all mental disorders, and is one of the oldest, discernable in description of the Old Testament and recognized in clinical medicine almost 2,000 years ago. Bipolar disorder is the medical name for manic-depressive illn....

Business Problem Analysis: Drugs and Crime in the Correctional Service of Canada
Business Problem Analysis Bim Grewal Research 341 RES341 Ghassem Zarbi June 12, 2006 Business Problem Analysis Introduction A significant number of drug users have contact with the criminal justice system. Fully 80 percent of offenders admitted to federal corrections have substance ab....

Child Abuse In the World Today
Child Abuse II Abstract As a parent, have you been victim to disciplining your child in public by spanking or yelling at them, and received “dirty looks” from those around you? Or have you been the one to witness a parent disciplining their child in public and just not agreed to the way they h....

Corrections: Treatment Programs
Throughout the history of Corrections we have seemingly figured out that we can’t just lock people up and throw away the key. Florida statue states that the purpose of the Department of Corrections is to protect the public through the incarceration and supervision of offenders and to rehabilitate ....

Crime Causation and Diversion
The biggest investment any community can make is the investment in our youth. The youth are our future. There is no better investment we as a community can make than on our future. For this reason any program that can intervene or divert youth from gangs, drugs or violence is a wise investment which....

depression in adolescents
Depression is one of the most common and most serious mental health problems facing people today. While it is only human to experience feelings of sadness, gloominess, or melancholy every now and then, clinical depression occurs when these feelings endure for long periods of time that can last for s....

domestic violence
Domestic violence is a social issue that concerns society. It affects any member of a family, especially the wife and the children. Each day people are witnessing in television newscasts and sensationalist programs, new scandalous acts of domestic violence, passionate crimes, brutal and unjustified ....

Drinking Age
“You've got to fight for your right to party!" Drinking is a privilege that has been in this country since its founding. It was briefly taken away during prohibition, but society's favor of alcohol showed its strength with the repeal of prohibition. After prohibition, alcohol was legally available....

drug addiction
Drug addiction and abuse The illegal or harmful use of drugs is a major threat to the world and to future generations. Drugs are substances that are becoming more common in our communities as each day goes by. The demand for drugs is also increasing daily. People need to act and play a part in th....

Eating Disorders Among Americans
Eating Disorders Among Americans This essay is written about eating disorders among Americans, why people may have these illnesses and what’s associated with these ailments. All of the different types of eating disorders and what an eating disorder actually is. How we society can help bring an....

Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Personality Disorders
Disorders are so severe that they can take over your life. It's important for us to understand when something isn't normal. Eating disorders are severe because they can affect the way our body thinks in terms of eating and keeping a balanced diet. Substance abuse is serious, and can even become fat....

From Combating the Poor to Curtailing Substance Abuse
Targeting the poor through Crime Reduction policies against substance abuse in the US must give way to Dynamic Harm Reduction, which addresses the issue at its core, if it truly wishes to alleviate the international �drug problem.� In the early 1970s, the realization of the wide spread c....

How serious is drug abuse
Drug abuse is a topic that most people talk about in the United States. Drug abuse affects drug users, their families, and society as a whole. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that “drug abuse costs the United States as much as $246 billion each year.” The NIDA define some of ....

Impact of Alcoholism on a Family
“Alcoholism is a disease that can happen to anybody--rich, poor, or in-between.” In fact, approximately 100,000 deaths transpire each year due to the effects of alcohol. Of these 100,000 people, 50% are due to injuries of some sort. The United States spends over $130 billion yearly on problems r....

Impact of Stability in the Family and Home on Violent Juvenile Convictions
SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM Criminal Justice Proposal for Research in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Sacred Heart University “The Impact of Stability in the Family and Home on Violent Juvenile Convictions” ....

Industrial Plan on how regulatory risks and tort liability can be mitigated
Industrial Plan on how regulatory risks and tort liability can be mitigated Industrial companies such as Alumina can expose themselves to a host of regulatory risk and tort liability due to negligence and poor plan, and just not exercising the "due-diligence" as an environmental impacting....

Jane Eyre
¢ñ. Introduction Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), the third among the five daughters of Patrick Bronte, a Yorkshire clergyman of Irish origin, was the longest living and most prolific of the brilliant three Bronte sisters in English literature. All the daughters of the family seem to have been more ....

Life with Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia 1 Schizophrenia Mental Health Disorder Schizophrenia 2 Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder striking one percent or one in one hundred people worldwide. It knows no boundaries affecting people of all races, of all....

Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 in the United States
The public policy that I have chosen to address is lowering the legal drinking age, in the United States, from the age of twenty-one to eighteen. The current drinking age was raised to twenty-one in 1984 when Congress passed the National Minimum Purchase Age Act. This required that all ....

Should Marijuana be Legalized for Medical Purposes? Have you ever visited a restaurant or parked in a parking deck and before entering the building a cloud of cigarette or cigar smoke smacks you in the face? Imagine if that cloud of smoke came from a marijuana joint. Would you just walk on by ....

Methamphetamine accounts for almost 90 percent of all drug cases in the Midwest, and is most common in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, medical examiner’s office reports the amount of deaths testing positive for methamphetamine has been larger than cocaine for the past three years. In 2003 in Honolulu, Hawai....

Military population
During our learning team discussions we review several populations such as children, youth, developmentally disabled, clients with special needs, clients who suffered from domestic violence and abuse and the military population. The population I chose to review is the military population. Milit....

Ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere is a particularly critical gas for the survival of our planet. The Earth’s atmosphere serves three critical functions: it sustains life-giving oxygen, maintains the Earth’s warmth, and protects plants and animals from harmful, potentially deadly, ultraviolet (UV) r....

Parental Involvement with Teens and Drugs
Many teens across the U.S. are hooked on drugs. Teens that feel lost, lonely or ones that are just trying to fit in are some of the reasons why they start using drugs in the first place. Getting high to have fun or just trying to get away from the world’s stress, drugs are being used and abused by ....

Pop a Pill, Take the pain away: Americas New Age Addictive Epidemic; prescription medication addiction
The U.S. has become a pill popping nation. Everyone wants a pill to relieve them of any feeling that is undesirable. Commonly abused medications include pain relievers such as: Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and Morphine; Depressants like: Valium and Xanax; As well as Stimulants including: Adderall ....

Recreational Drugs: Alcohol and Marijuana
The most popular recreational drugs in America today are alcohol and marijuana. Both are highly addictive mind-altering substances; however, alcohol is a physical addiction whereas marijuana is a psychological addiction. Alcohol is a legal substance and marijuana is illegal. Each drug has adverse ef....

Regenerating Tissues
The ability to regenerate the tissues of the human central nervous system(CNS) is one of the greatest projects undertaken by biomedical engineerstoday. With this eventual technology, permanent paralysis and blindnessdue to CNS injury will be a thing of the past. Central nervous systeminjuries will....

Sad Reality of Substance Abuse
Today an astounding 98% of teens have used or tried pot at one point and time in their life. This number is extremely high, only 2 % of American teenagers have not, and will never use marijuana, which is an illegal substance. It is even more disturbing to consider the numerous other drugs that are....

Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder striking one percent or one in one hundred people worldwide. It knows no boundaries affecting people of all races, of all cultures, and of all social classes. The emergence of schizophrenia is more common between late adolescence or early ad....

Substance Abuse and Suicide: Effects of Schizophrenia Over the past decades, schizophrenia has been a common mental disease, affecting a great number of the population as 100,000-200,000 are newly diagnosed each year, attacking the cognitive and psychotic development of the brain. Many have made t....

Sleepy Hollow
This is precisely the sort of film that I am--as a highfalutin' intellectual-wannabe--supposed to abhor. The characters are thinly drawn. The story is utterly lightweight and somewhat predictable. Its use of the original source material is so scant as to boil down to appropriation of names and local....

SOAP Case Study - Substance Abuse
Client is a 36 year-old, African-American, single female with four (4) children. Client has three (3) daughters (aged 16, 15, and 13). She also has one (1) son (aged 9). Client reports that their relationship is "getting better" because she no longer abuses opiates. Client's children were ....

Stress Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that people have in response to events that threaten or challenge themselves. It is an invisible enemy that can overtake a life. This topic is important because it affects lives of many college students and ....

Substance abuse among adolescents
Adolescence is the time period most often associated with experimentation and/or abuse of such substances as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Substance use can prove to have major implications for adolescent development mainly because of the fact that an adolescent is still in the process of developing ....

substance abuse counselor
Carmen Helin 83508069 Mid Term Think Paper; Substance Abuse Counselor Drug abuse has long been a social problem in the North America which has been increasing dramatically the past 20 years. So for one to work as a substance abuse counselor they must first take the necessary steps that they need....

Teenage Alcoholism and its effects on todays youth
The drinking problem among todays youth has been a problem among the entire word not just The United States of America. There are many effects caused by drinking not just harm to themselves but harm to their community and their family. Although the drinking age in the United States is twenty-one,1/4....

Teenage Suicide
Teenage Suicide When you think about the leading cause of death, you would think murder or a disease, but teenage suicide has rose from a 6.7 percent to a 9.4 percent from 2003 to 2007. I. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in people between the ages of 15 and 24 after mo....

Teens and Drug Use
There is no simple answer to why a teen might begin using drugs or alcohol. Many times, it is a combination of several things. They may turn to drugs to escape stress or loneliness or to overcome shyness in social situations. They may want to be seen as grown up, or they may simply be curious. Te....

The Effects of Alcoholism on Children and Family
For hundreds of years, the vicious cycle of alcoholism and addiction has effected many people. Those effected most are children of alcoholics. Alcoholic families rarely have positive outcomes when the problem is not dealt with. This situation can lead to emotional and physical abandon....

The Rich and the Poor Just Need More
Many Americans today would argue that the current poverty rate is an overwhelming amount of the population. The U.S. Census Bureau states that “the official poverty rate in 2005 was 12.6 percent”(1).Poverty is measured by the government by comparing the poverty threshold income and actual income o....

war on drugs
Around the world there are organizations that are in place that will help someone if they are unable to help themselves. These people are designed and trained to help in which him or her works, like fire men for example. These individuals are saving lives that might be in danger; if people could sav....

Workplace Drug Screening Opinion
Substance abuse affects employee health and workplace safety. Drug testing in the workplace sparks debate and controversy based on privacy issues, reliability and ethical or legal reasons. The methods and procedures used vary depending on what drug a tester is looking for. The procedures can ....

Yolngu Boy - Challenges of growing up
Yolngu Boy is a traditional aboriginal film which tells the stories of three boys on their quest for identity. Lorrpu, Milika and Botj face many obstacles that come with growing up within two very different cultures. First and foremost “Yolngu Boy” is a film about the challenges and difficulti....

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